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Yunmai scale

Yunmai scale, a biological resistance measurement method to accurately measure the body weight, BMI(body mass index),fat, muscle, bone mass, water, metabolic rate, It analyzes the data and records of your body ages, visceral fat, protein and body composition.
In order to better performance, we are not only equipped with instruments, Bluetooth 4.0 Chip makes good light mini and phone connection is only 1.9 s. More equipped with the same of MCU (micro control unit) leads to connectivity extremely fast, strong stability, low power consumption. It is a good light mini, which import industrial-grade independent 24 AD conversion chip, processing resolution up to 16 million. Body composition detection precision, the success rate can reach 100% software installation method of Android App can scan QR code installation.


BrainLink is a brainwave (EEG) sensor that connects with end user devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptop computers wirelessly (via Bluetooth). It is designed to be worn on the head. In order to detect a user’s brainwave data, three metal sensors need to touch the wearer’s skin in two different areas of the head (one on the forehead and two on the left earlobe).
Users can interact with and control the BrainLink by using their minds for applications and games. Applications are customized for BrainLink in iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. Apps are available for entertainment, health and education. Technically, it achieves 4 core functions, which namely focus training with brainwave reports, meditation and pressure relief, play games using your mind and parental controls.