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EZVIZ home security

Safeguard your household with remote viewing, allowing you to be a part of what’s happening while you are away. You can keep an eye on your child and pet by watching them anytime via your mobile device, tablet or laptop. For taking care of elderly family members, the emergency button was designed to immediately call for help in case of sudden illness, accidents or falls. For the household safety, intrusion will be captured and recorded by the camera. The system will send an alarm message to your mobile phone, providing reliable protection for personal and property security.


SENGLED GmbH (“Sengled”) is an internationally active supplier of innovative lighting solutions with more than 10 years’ experience in the lighting industry.
As a manufacturer of energy-saving LED bulbs, Sengled is constantly researching innovative products to enrich the lives of people with their products. They offer commercial customers and private users a new lighting experience that is both safe and practical in its application. At present, their products include Pulse ( LED+ Wireless Speakers), Boost( the world’s first Wi-Fi extending led bulb)and Snap. All these products you can control via Sengled Apps by your smartphone or tablet