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Future Sports

EZVIZ Sports Camera S5

EZVIZ is headquartered in City of Industry, California. The company manufactures Wi-Fi cloud cameras and video surveillance kits, with the single mission to make great quality video easy for everyone.

EZVIZ Sports Camera S5 Plus, the latest product invention brings an unparalleled experience for users. S5 Plus supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second (FPS), utilizes a 158-degree Aspheric lens, its image processing supports high dynamic range (HDR), can be used to record 120fps high-speed motion recording, unique 30s exposure and low-fast electronic shutter shooting. In terms of user experience, EZVIZ S5 plus added smart anti-vibration technology, equipped with 1200mAH detachable battery, up to 128G microSDHC/TF card video storage capacity, also have optimized WiFi connection speed.

LeSports SuperBike

LeSports SuperBike is the perfect combination of the primitive mechanical beauty of bike and advanced facilities of car. It unified the more intelligent element and equipment. Besides the basic music, first aid, time and other functions. SuperBike added four core technology which namely social networking, ride data, intelligent control and antitheft.
Social networking: It breakthroughs the traditional bike as a real-time social communication tool, which makes inter-vehicle structure into a huge networking.
Ride data: The real-time data report human health in the process of riding, so that heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, speed, riding distance data are displayed on the control panel of the associated phones. Based on the scientific data, it will provide the best cycling routes and effective proposals.
Intelligent Control: The vehicle is equipped with tail lights, the wide showing headlights, steering, lighting atmosphere lights a total of five groups, which will not only increase the width lamp cool sense of movement, but also provides security protection for night riding. Intelligent antitheft: Super sports bike has a parking function key, there will a strong alarm sound without correct ID identification. Meanwhile, the real-time position will be delivered to the owner’s phone.