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Mobile Payment

The number of people in China using their phones to pay for goods and services at the point of sale (POS) more than doubled last year, and by 2020 almost half of all smartphone users will be making proximity mobile payments, eMarketer projects. According to eMarketer’s first-ever estimates of mobile payment usage in China, there will be 195.3 million people using the technology in 2016—growth of 45.8% over last year.

The Chinese tourism market is growing constantly in Europe and offers enormous revenue opportunities for retailers. With the V2Future’s 2PayNow solution for Alipay, China’s largest mobile payment network, you can attract wealthy new customers from China by accepting the Alipay app at your point of sale.

Allow Chinese tourists to pay via Alipay Barcode Payment while on their travels. The app has a market share of 80% in China and enjoys the full confidence of its users. We offer you various technical solutions to accept Alipay without the need to open a bank account in China.

Wechatpay coming soon…