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V2FUTURE Newsletter May 2019
V2FUTURE Newsletter May 2019

Alipay, the Largest Chinese e-Payment Provider, Enters the Dutch and Czech Market

Starting August 2016, Chinese tourists have been able to make payments through Alipay in the Netherlands. V2Future, the payment and marketing partner of Alipay, together with its payment institution partner Sepay, Serving merchants through its unified payment & Marketing platform 2paynow®, facilitates comfortable shopping experience for Chinese tourists and offers local merchants the new opportunity for increasing turnovers. Through 2paynow®, many well known Dutch merchants are able to accept Alipay like Gassan Diamonds, Royal Coster Diamonds, Batavia Stad Outlet, FOUR by Azzurro, Royal Diamonds Amsterdam, and many Asian restaurants etc.
Now the Czech Republic also embraced mobile payment by accepting Alipay. The 14th of Dec, Alipay, V2Future and its partner Sims Management, the first Czech merchant GastroGroup, have jointly launched the Alipay and 2paynow® services in the Czech Repulic, 19 merchants went online as the first group that supports Alipay. Formal minister of foreign affairs Jan Kohout, Economic & Commercial Counsellor of China Embassy Yongru Cheng, Head of Alipay EMEA Rita Liu and Co-founder of V2Future Nathan Fox presented the press conference. Start from Prague, it is assumed that Alipay’s footprints to cover all 16 Eastern Europe countries will be in the short future.


Co-founder of 2paynow® Nathan Fox, Head of Alipay EMEA Rita Liu and 2paynow®‘s partner Simona Svobodová


“Mobile payment have become a matter of lifestyle for more than 800 million people in China. The launch of Alipay in the Dutch market represents a great potential for further increasing the appeal of the Netherlands and income from Chinese clientele in both retail and service industry,” Tamas Fogl, CEO of Sepay, stated.
Chinese travellers currently represent the most dynamic tourist market. There are over 120 million Chinese tourists every year internationally and according to the Global Blue company, the number of Chinese visitors to Europe continues to grow. In 2015, 12.5 million Chinese tourists visited Europe and spent over 50 billion EUR. Among that over 300,000 Chinese tourists visited and spent at least one night in the Netherlands. Projections estimate the number will reach 1 million in three years.
Alipay is the biggest mobile payment provider worldwide, with over 450 million active users and 2,000,000 merchants.

Gassan Diamond has been the first in the Netherlands who accept Alipay payment

In 2016, Alipay has launched its operations in Europe with the offer of facilitating both convenient e-payments for Chinese tourists and marketing services for merchants who want to attract more Chinese consumers. “The introduction of the Alipay can help to attract new customers, ensure the needed visibility and provide the option of direct online marketing communication with Chinese visitors to the Netherlands before or during their trip,” Mario Fan, CEO of V2Future, explains, “So far, Chinese tourists had to rely on information provided by travel agencies. Now, marchants have the option of communicating with Chinese visitors directly.” Mario added.
Mobile Payments are processed secure and easy via 2paynow® app on the merchant mobile device scanning the unique and dynamic Alipay QR code from the consumers‘ smart phone.

2paynow® Unified Payment & Marketing Platform allows merchants to use smart device as POS


The Alipay application has an undoubted potential and every Chinese tourist visiting the Netherlands already has it installed in their mobile devices. Therefore, the presence of the brand and the use of the system in our market will help ensure the success of all merchants attempting to make their services and products more appealing to Chinese tourists.
“To provide an example, this payment method has recently been introduced at Munich airport shops. Alipay payments currently account for around 20% of all turnovers by Chinese combined at the airport, they are also 96% higher on average transaction value than other payment used by Chinese” Mario concluded.
Now Alipay is launching a huge global promotion campaign for Chinese New Year from 16th Jan to 5th Feb 2017, consumers will get random discount or cash reward from Alipay when they shop at all merchants who participate. There are more campaigns like this across the whole year and Alipay will nodoubt attrack more merchants who don’t want be
In Amsterdam, on 28 December 2016

V2Future CEO Joined Holland Prime Minister on Trade Mission to China


From 24 to 29 March 2015, V2Future CEO Mr. Marion Fan joined Holland Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid a visit to China. The Priame Minister is being joined by Wilma Mansveld, the Minister for the Environment, and accompanied by a delegation of over 70 Dutch business representatives. V2Future as a world class business consultancy company, specialised in online digital marketing, mobile/ e-Commerce & big-data analysis for China market, is the member of this delegation.



(Group photo of Holland International Trade Business Delegation)


The goal of the mission is to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between the Netherlands and China. The business delegation is based in the cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen. During his trip, the Prime Minister and delegation also attended the Boao Forum for Asia, an annual conference for government leaders, international researchers and businesses.



(Prime Minister Mark Rutte Doing the Speech in Shanghai Meeting)


In the evening of March 25, V2Future CEO Mr Mario Fan and V2Future China Partner Mr. Nathan Fox attended a meeting of more than 500 representatives of Dutch and Chinese businesses in Shanghai. Prime Minister made a friendly conversation with Mr. Mario Fan and Mr. Nathan Fox, they also took a photo together.



(Group photo of Prime Minister, Mr. Mario Fan and Mr. Nathan Fox in Shanghai)


V2Future CEO Mr. Mario Fan and other China and Holland CEO, accompany Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Mansveld jointly participate in a round table with Chinese government representatives and visited some Shanghai Dutch companies.



(In the meeting of Shenzhen)


In the evening of March 26, Prime Minister and the Dutch CEO delegation went to Shenzhen. Mr. Mario Fan was invited to attend the networking dinner in Shenzhen. Prime Minister conversate with Mr. Mario Fan and showed the confidence on the development prospects of V2Future in China market and the cross-border platform built by V2future between EU merchants and China purchasers.



(Prime Minister Rutte in conversation with Mr. Mario Fan, CEO of V2Future )


The Prime Minister’s third day began with a matchmaking forum to link Dutch and Chinese businesses. Subsequently, the Prime Minister led the Dutch delegation to visit two Chinese firms that are world leaders in the field of technology: Huawei and Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Abbr: DJI).



(Group photo of representatives in meeting of Shenzhen)


During this China visit, V2Future reached a cooperative agreement with JD Online Shopping Mall and DJI company. We are planning to serve more Dutch and European companies to innovate market and boost sales in China market, while undertaking the marketing and sales service for DJI camera drones and quadcopters in European market.