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Electronics for the market of tomorrow

With our extensive network of brands, we can find the best and most advanced products for your business, reaching market within the shortest time. 

Attention to our partners is our key value. Together, we can make your business a success.


Distribution of smart-tech for the market of tomorrow

Attention to our partners is our key value. 

Together, we can make your business a success.

Attention to partners

We are not just another box mover.
A strong partnership means everything to us. We understand which brands and products fit your business goals and we will help you to achieve your goal with our expertise.

Shortest time to market

Thanks to our close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers,
your chosen products can reach your customers within the shortest time.

Exclusive marketing content

All our partners and resellers have access to exclusive and up-to-date marketing contents such as product trainings, access to the order portal and access to the private content-databank.

Sourcing the latest innovative products on the market

Our dedicated team of experts and specialists know which products fit the market of the future, sourcing the most innovative technology available.


Brands that fit your business

We bring the right products to your business; from consumer-focused hardware, to professional and educational tech for business purposes.


Our valued customers

Partners and branches

International Distribution

Our offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and China cover the international distribution across all of Europe. 

V2Future Partners