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As the market leader in 360 degree cameras, insta360 is a forward-thinking company that is constantly looking for innovation. For example, they released the first modular actioncam and were the first with a 360 degree camera for consumers.


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Thanks to Insta360’s technology, they are able to create spectacular proffesional images with their cameras.

No matter the situation, Insta360 has a camera that can be used for it. Use Insta360’s waterproof and impact resistant actioncams in any location.

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A bigger screen and a 1/2-inch sensor

The Insta360 X3 features a bigger sensor then its predecessor. With a 1/2-inch sensor the X3 is capable of catching more details at night and higher quality 360 footage. Together with a bigger screen for an even better preview.

A HDR mode for stabilized action videos reveals details in the highlights and shadows that other action cams miss. Focus on the user with the “me mode” no reframing and immediately ready to share.

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Modulair ánd waterproof

The ONE RS is a unique camera on the market where customers can buy different modules to expand the capabilities of the ONE RS. For example, it is possible to combine the camera with a 360 degree lens, a 4K lens and a 1-inch lens module.

Even with the separate parts, the camera is still waterproof up to 5 meters thanks to the included case. Therefore, the camera can also be used for water sports and other activities with water.


Always stable and sharp

The One X2 is an example of a perfect 360 degree made for both consumers and proffesionals. Thanks to its two-sided lens, the ONE X2 can film in full 360 degrees and Insta360’s software invisibly stitches all the seams together.

Thus, the ONE X2 can make selfie sticks disappear completely without compromising on quality. In addition, the angles can be adjusted afterwards using the Insta360 app and you can choose the subjects that are important.


Compact and magnetic

The Go2 by Insta360 is the world’s smallest actioncam, thanks to its small form factor the actioncam can go anywhere and with the magnetic connection on the back the Go2 can be attached to any metal surface.

This allows use of the Go2 chain, which allows you to hang the Go2 around your neck and carry it with you on vacation or during action.


A big collection of accesories

Insta360 has a large collection of accessories that can be used with their cameras. See here an overview of the accessories for the Insta360 cameras.


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Worlds smallest actioncam

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